Ivory wristlet

Corsages and Rings

We are happy to accommodate requests for accessories to complement our garlands, from standard buttonholes to waist corsages worn as a belt or sash on the wedding dress.

For Bridesmaids and Flowergirls our sweet little ribbon-tied Wrist Corsages are very popular.

ivory and salmon rose ribbon wrist corsage

The Ivory and Peach Ribbon-tied Corsage fits even the tiniest of wrists. Made to order in colours to match your garlands – £12 each

The ribbon-tied wrist corsages are very popular as they will fit even very small children comfortably.  The flower cluster is carefully hand-sewn onto soft chiffon ribbons so that there are no scratchy parts to irritate delicate skin.

We can also mount flower clusters onto elasticated pearl bracelets, but these are more suitable for older girls and adults.

If you are looking for a very simple floral touch or keepsakes for your friends, we can do little Flower Rings.  These can be mounted either on rustic paper coated wire (like a stem), or onto a metal ring base (longer lasting).  We can also provide organza gift bags or boxes.  Prices range from just £1 to £3 for each ring, depending on the chosen options.

ring of roses turquoise purple and pink


Triple Rose Ring on paper coated wire in any combination of our rolled rose colours – £1 each


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