Hair Vines – versatile hair accessories

Hair vines are essentially open ended garlands, created with little loops for securing into the hair with hair pins or kirby grips (by contrast, hair garlands are made in a full circle and sit around the head like a crown with no shaping, pins or fixing in place required).

dusky pink premium vine

Dusky Pink Rose Vine – premium roses
Guide price: £35 / 15″

ivory ruffled vine

Ruffled Rose Vine
Guide Price: £30 / 15″








Vines can be worn entwined through plaits and braids, wrapped around buns, or around the head like a traditional garland.  If you are unsure of how you will be wearing your hair, but know you want flowers, a hair vine can be a good option.

ivory rambling rose hair vine on branch

Rambling Rose Vine in Ivory £25 per 15″, plus £2 per additional inch

Almost any of our styles can be made into a vine.  The price will depend on the length and number of flowers used but as a guide the price is generally about the same as that of a full garland in the desired style.  Hair Vines can be ordered via email (info null@null bloomingloopy on (info null@null bloomingloopy, or by phone on 0118 934 0369.

rambling rose hair vine in ivory

Rambling Rose hair vine, worn as a garland

Hair vines are better suited to thicker and longer hair if you are looking to create a natural rambling rose effect as it is easier to disguise the central wire and the grips/pins that hold the vine in place.  The assistance of a friend or hair professional is almost invaluable if wearing the vine towards the back of the head.

Vine green ivory rosebud

Green and Ivory Rosebuds Vine – £30 for 15″, plus £2 per additional inch

short hair vine in yellow and cream roses

Tapered Hair Vine (15″) in assorted Yellow and Cream roses – £35

Pearls and diamantés can be added to vines too.  But be aware that the more flowers, pearls and diamantes you have, the thicker the central wire will become.  This makes it harder to shape initially – but once teased into the right shape it should hold that shape very well.   Vines with lots of wire-work will also be a little heavier and may require more pins to keep it secure.

hair vine open garland

hair vine under veil

vine in hair trial

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