Measuring and Fitting

As all our items are made to order, we can adapt the style and size of the garland easily as no extra charge.  Please take a moment to consider the options to ascertain which would suit your needs best.

Full circle garlands (recommended for best fit)

The most comfortable and secure way to wear a hair garland is as a full circlet, to fit the size of the head.  In a full circle garland the wired base of the garland is formed into a complete circle thus forming a secure base in the exact shape and size of the head.  Full circle garlands will stay in place comfortably without the need for pinning.  We strongly recommend you choose made-to-measure garlands, and we offer this service as standard at no extra cost.

If it is not practical to obtain measurements then we can make full circle garlands to average sizes (for children we will need to know their age).  Averages sizes are suitable for 90% of girls and women, but we also offer a fully adjustable ribbon-tied option if preferred (see below).

If you choose a full circle garland, the ribbons are not the means of securing the garland and are purely decorative.

Head Measuring Guide

‘Ribbon-Tied’ garlands:

If you are very unsure of the size required, we can make the garlands fully adjustable.  In a ribbon-tied garland, the ribbons are attached to the open ends of the wire garland and are used to tie the ends together.  However, because there is a small gap between the ends of the wire base there can be a small amount of movement between the open ends during the course of the day which may require a little repositioning from time to time.

Garlands without ribbons:

Garlands without decorative ribbons are in general very simple to adjust so we would recommend the full circle option even if you are unsure of the size required.  We can also do our ribbonless garlands open-ended so that the ends can be pinned into place or tucked into an up-do, much like a hair vine, if preferred.

Please note:

Most flower crown sellers offer their garlands as ribbon-tied only as this style of closure requires no measurements and can be made in large quantities.  We do not believe ribbon-ties offer the best fit, particularly when the crown is intended to be worn for a long period, which is why we offer the full circle style as standard and make all our items to order.  This personal service and attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.

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