Green and Ivory Garland

The Original Rosebud Hair Garlands

Purple and Ivory Rosebud Hair Garlands

Purple and Ivory Rosebud Hair Garlands

Our Original Rosebud Hair Garland is a simple circlet of luxury parchment paper roses.

It’s the daintiest, most subtle and timeless of our garlands.

Quintessentially English and traditionally worn by flowergirls and bridesmaids at weddings.  These are also very popular for school proms, summer festivals and First Holy Communions and Christenings. We have even made a Rosebud garland for a dog to wear to her owner’s marriage ceremony!

The gorgeous tightly rolled parchment roses measure 1cm across. Available in a wide range of colours (which can be mixed) – see the Rolled Rose colour chart.

We have a huge range of ribbons available to complement all our rose colours.  If you would like ribbons, we find that usually two ribbons (one chiffon and one thinner satin ribbon) wound around together look best.  Garland ribbons can be worn as a bow to the side or back of the head, with the trails trimmed to the desired length.  Ribbons are £2 extra – see the ribbon colour chart to choose your colours.

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We make all our garlands to order so we can offer a made-to-measure service at no additional cost.  Heads should be measured with a tape measure around the position in which the garland is intended to be worn (usually across the crown and just under the ‘bulge’ at the back of the head).  If you are unable to get a measurement just send us the recipient’s age and we will make an average size – they can be quite easily adjusted in any case.

Some of our wedding clients have even given each of their female wedding guests a garland as a wedding favour – they make for beautiful photos of your big day!  If you are looking for original Party Favours for your daughter’s birthday, we can supply garlands in gift boxes – ask us for details.

Rolled Rose Colour Chart

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