Ruffle Rose Garland


These gorgeous Ruffle Rose Garlands are made with larger roses than the dainty Original Rosebud Garlands and offer a much more striking style statement.  These garlands are perfect for music festivals.

Red or Burgundy garlands on dark hair give a beautifully Bohemian, Renaissance or Medieval look, while the pastel colours look so adorable on little girls.  Ivory is of course eternally popular for weddings.

Pink, Lilac and Antique Rose are all two-tone colours. Red, Burgundy, Peach and Ivory are solid colours.

Ruffle Roses are hand-crafted from high quality parchment paper to give a lovely natural finish.  Each flower is just under 3cm across.  The band itself is made from green paper coated wire to resemble the twisted stems of rambling rose vines.

Ruffle Garlands will be made in a standard size to fit an average adult.  If you would like a different size, please tell us during checkout by using the Order Notes section. See our Sizing Info page for details.

If you would like ribbons added, we find that usually two ribbons wound around together look best.  Garland ribbons can tied in a bow or just left trailing to the side or back of the head.  A set of ribbons is £2 extra – see Garland Ribbons to choose your colours.

Gift / Storage Boxes also available to purchase separately – up to 3 will fit in one medium box


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