It is only natural that you will have lots of questions about your chosen hair accessories. It is your Big Day after all and you want to make sure everything is going to be just right.  I take great pride in my work and want your hair garlands and hair pieces to be just perfect for your special day.

So to save you some time, I’ve tried to put together a list of all the things customers most frequently ask me.  If there is anything I haven’t covered then just call or email (info null@null bloomingloopy NULL.com) – and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  My phone number is 0118 934 369 – please leave a message if it goes to answerphone.


What are the flowers made of?  I do NOT use fresh flowers – they wilt and fall apart easily and are also much heavier to wear.  I mainly use beautiful flowers made of parchment or mulberry paper and set on paper-coated wires.  Their natural rustic appearance is their charm and most people will not notice they are not ‘real’.  And of course not using real flowers also means the headpiece can become a long-lasting souvenir of your special day.  Very rarely, I may include a few very carefully selected silk or polyfoam flowers but only on the proviso that they still look gorgeous close-up.

How long will my garland take? – Most orders are completed within a few days, once the colours have been chosen and measurements have been provided.  If however, you prefer to have a bespoke designed garland made and/or wish to see ribbon/flower samples for colour matching first then the process will inevitably take longer.  There is an additional fee for bespoke items due to the extra design time involved.

The busiest period is January to June.  Please advise me of any critical dates (hair trials, wedding, etc) at the time of your initial enquiry, and note that work will not begin on your order until payment is received.

What if I need it THIS WEEKEND?!?!  We can sometimes undertake rush jobs, subject to availability and we may need to make a surcharge if we need to work unsociable hours in order to fit the job in.  But if you know exactly what you want (or are happy with what we suggest), and we have sufficient materials in stock in the workshop, then it is in theory possible to complete an order overnight.  If we need to use a courier or Special Delivery mail service then we would also need to pass the additional cost onto you.

Can you guarantee a colour match? – Usually, but not always.  There is a very wide range of colour options out there, and it would be highly unusual for us not to be able to make a good match.  We have a huge selection of flowers in the studio and have made charts of the most common standard colours, and also some from a premium collection (limited availability, surcharge applies).  We also carry huge stocks of ribbons and can colour match if you send us a swatch of your fabric.  Satin ribbons in stock are shown in the standard ribbon colour chart, and we can also source any Berisford’s satin ribbons if you know which colour you want.

What does it cost? – Garlands are quoted individually depending on various factors which include the number and type of flowers used, the complexity of the design, finish, and the type of ribbons/lace and any other materials used.  Prices range from just £8 for simple Rosebud garlands but the average quote is around £60 for a bridal garland.  All our hair garlands are made to order.

One of my bridesmaids doesn’t want a full garland, can they something else instead? – Yes, this is usually possible.  We can make matching hair picks, single flower hair pins, hair combs, hair vines (long open-ended garlands), ribbon-tied half-garlands, hairbands, buttonholes, tiaras…

What is the minimum age for a child to wear a garland?  Our garlands are not toys and do not carry a CE safety mark.  They are made from parchment paper, ribbons and wire and may contain sharp edges and small bits if pulled apart or chewed.  However, worn under supervision there should be no problem and we have made garlands for babies as young as 2 months old, but this is of course at your own risk.

Will my toddler leave it on her head?  If the fit is good then she won’t really be able to feel it and it might stay on all day if she forgets it is there… however, if she is a tactile little girl who loves to explore things with her hands then she might want to just reach up and take it off immediately.  Little girls who like looking at their reflection in the mirror are usually very pleased with how the flowers look so want to leave them there… but on the hand hand, others love the flowers so much they want to take them off so they can get a closer look!  They do make for very cute photos though… even if they are on for only a few minutes…  TOP TIP: try creating a big distraction as soon as you put it on so they concentrate more on something else and ignore the fact that you are popping a garland on their head.  By the time the distraction has passed they will be used to the sensation of the garland and may not realise it’s even there as they are so lightweight.

Do you need head measurements? – Yes please!  All our garlands are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.  Please measure in either metric or imperial units around the position on the head that you intend the garland to be worn.  We make the garlands to the size you quote, so do not measure too tightly!  If measurements are not available we can make them to an average size for the age of the person, or offer an adjustable option.

Please also see our guidance page on Measuring and Fitting – this gives details of alternative closure styles.

My garland doesn’t feel quite right, can I adjust the sizing? – Yes… mostly!
We make the garlands to fit gently around a disc with the same circumference as the measurement we have been provided with – this usually ensure a perfect fit.  Garlands should feel comfortable and secure, so they don’t fall off the back of the head (too small – sitting too high) or forward over the eyes (too loose).  If the fit is right you will forget you are wearing a garland as they are so comfortable and light.  Sometimes, however, a measurement may have been taken in slightly the wrong place, or a child may have grown, or the garland simply feels too snug or loose because of the hairstyle you are wearing.

It is easy to stretch a simple Rosebud or Ruffle Rose garland a little by holding the garland firmly with your hands in a 10 to 2 position and pulling apart gently – you should feel a slight ‘give’.  Shuffle your hand round and repeat as necessary.  Do take care not to crush the flowers.

For special garlands with more flowers we will wrap the end section of the wires with florist tape to enable you to identify where to adjust it.  Usually you will find this taped end under the bow of the ribbons.  Once you have found it (you will need to untie any ribbons) simply unwind the end then move the overlap along a bit to the required size and retwist the taped end around.  Tie the ribbons back into a bow and that’s it!

I’ve never yet had a garland be way too big or small, but there’s always a first and if something has gone terribly wrong in the communication of sizes, then you may prefer to send it back to us for an adjustment – free of charge (excluding postage, unless we made the mistake – in which case we will of course pay all postage costs).

Please also see our guidance page on Measuring and Fitting – this gives details of alternative closure styles.

Ribbons – I leave the ribbons trailing in fairly long lengths.  This enables you to trim to the required length (cut on a diagonal with sharp scissors to reduce fraying).  If the ribbons do become creased, they will press easily with an iron on a low heat.  TIP: while long ribbons trails do look pretty, they can get in the way so you may want to trim them shorter particularly with younger girls.

Do you hire garlands?  If you do not want to keep your garlands, I can refund 50% of the value of the garland if it is returned in a reusable condition within 6 months.   This offer does not apply to all styles, so please check when ordering.

Do you have a photo gallery? 
Yes.  You can see our work on Pinterest (http://pinterest NULL.com/BloomingLoopy), Facebook (http://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/bloomingloopy)  and Instagram (http://www NULL.instagram NULL.com/bloomingloopy)

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Would you like to see my wedding photos? – Oh YES PLEASE!!  We just LOVE to see our creations in action on your big day.  We often share your wedding photos our Facebook page (http://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/bloomingloopy) (with permission of course) and would love to include your photos too!


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