Vintage Dreams garland

I fell in love with this garland I made last week but sadly the photos do not do it justice.
The bride-to-be brought her dress over to help choose the flowers and ribbons.
Overall effect: stunning.

When it’s right – you just know it.

vintage style hair garland

Vintage Dreams Hair Garland with crystal diamantés or pearls – £60
Vintage Dreams Hair Garland without diamantes – £45

Customer’s reaction:
“My hair garland came today! It looks AMAZING! Thank you so much for helping me pick out the colours – it’s going to be the best bit of my outfit! My mum and dad love it too. I now realise that the desire I had to dress up as a princess/fairy when I was a child never actually went away :-)”

It is often possible to customise this garland according to your colour scheme.  Below are some photos of the Vintage Dreams hair garland made all in Ivory, and also some combs to match the original colour scheme.

vintage dreams hair garland on headPure Ivory Vintage Dreams hair garlandVintage Dreams Hair Combs

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